Review: Private Coaching with Hon

by Massive Voodoo


Well, time again for a review on a private coaching Massive Voodoo recently had. Frankly, we have some at the moment. Our calendar is and will stay packed with private coachings for the next months, which is great as Raffa and Roman do enjoy the intense teaching during such classes as the results of such classes always tops their expectations too.

Students for private coaching are responsible to choose a topic for their two days of coaching. We talk about that and plan on it in several mails. The students find the two teacher well prepared to their topic and two days of straight work are ahead of them. All in the Massive Voodoo Headquarter in Ausburg.

Well, this time we  had a friend returning to Augsburg. Hon from Hong Kong.
Hon already visited us three years ago in 2011, when he was travelling for the World Expo.

Well, it does not happen often that you have a guest from Hong Kong and we can not tell you readers how great it was too see Hon again, when we picked him up for the private coaching in the hotel lobby.

Some of you also might know Hon from Marrow Productions, where he and Ray produce a great board game called "Journey". You can read more about that game behind this link.

Hon's Private Coaching Goal
Hon approached us with his wish to get better in building bases, catching the right mood in his colour choices on a base and becoming more confident with painting the so called "wet in wet - technique". This being said we had our teaching goal and prepared for it.

Hon wrote additional information:

"I have a little new ideas of what I would like to create for the basing. I got a book recently from a photographer who has capture this amazing photos from 30 to 40 years ago inside the Kowloon Walled city. (Where the anime Akira got their ideas from) 

Attached the link about the book.

How cool is that base topic, eh? Well, we will not talk any further and are happy to give the word to Hon who wrote down his experience! Thank you, Hon! Wwe will add some comments to the photos though!



"So here is a little review about my personal experience of the private coaching in the jungle.

I was fortunate to be able to meet Roman and Raffa when they still haven’t set up their awesome jungle studio. And 3 years later, I found myself even more fortunate be able to visit them again, and of course I have decided to take a private coaching lessons with them! As I have always admired their skills and the wonderful ideas into their bases.

So I had a very specific goal in mind, I wanted to re-create a scene from Kowloon Walled City. Basically it was a largely ungoverned settlement in Kowloon from 1950s to 1980s. The Walled City had become such a haven for criminals that police would venture into it only in large groups. But most residents were not involved in any crime and lived peacefully within its wall. And finally the settlement was demolished by the Hong Kong government in the late 80s. This is just a perfect topic for me and there are so many possibility and ideas to put into the base."

After some theory we did some sketches to plan such huge bases
"On the first day, after a warm welcome, breakfast, chat and some coffee, Roman and Raffa explained the theory of basing and showed me the amazing world of plastic cards! (Also the epic moment of some hardcore sanding). The main construction of the base was pretty much finished."

The result from the first day of the coaching

"On the second day we focus on the details and Raffa kept creating more and more interesting elements for our bases."

Hon's base growing in details ...
Both bases, Hon's and the teacher's base, primed.
"And I was lucky enough to learn some wet in wet blending from Roman on a very cool MV Insta- Base! Due to some sort of Voodoo magic, I had too much fun painting that instant base and don’t want to stop. But sadly I had to stop and began to paint my own base."

"Although I didn’t manage to complete the walled city during the two days lessons, but I will for sure complete it soon."

The final version of Hon's base. Only more illegal cables are missing - but before this Hon has to do his homework and paint this all up! We can not wait to see the result!


"Beside some great music, jokes and talks, overall the private lessons was jam packed with lots of tips, tricks and technique on how to create and paint an interesting base, but these techniques can apply to miniatures as well.  

Roman and Raffa is not only a friend to me, because Massive Voodoo is the main reason I became serious about miniature painting. The wonderful jungle is an inspiration for me and I’m sure for many painters as well. 
Happy painting and thanks for reading."


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