Workbench Preview

by Roman aka jar

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The weather outside is very delightful and preparing the Painting Class is a true joy - looking forward to the weekend full of colours and prepared myself already with something to paint and demonstrate:

The little fairy is by Smartmax and will be a gift for a lovely person who indeed is a fairy when it comes to coffee. I promised her this model and i will see her next week, ayayayayyyyaaaayyyyyy!! The other model comes from Agora Miniatures and will be the model i will paint at the class as i can't do anymore of those demonettes :D

I somehow start to miss my workbench while packing after there will be a little vacation time after the upcoming class - nothing from my side during the next week ... i'll hide away and eat empty some banana tree forests.

Rock'n'Roll to you and catch yourself smiling from the heart at least once a day :)
Best Wishes and keep on happy painting!

PS: Yeaha! Frutti di Mare will be in Hannover's Painting Class :)


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