Work in Progress

by Roman aka jar

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More Khal Maulgo, Sculpting still in Progress, very slow but with much love it goes forward:

The horns are a gift from Raffa, he did them on some 3D Printing testings, many thanks my Ape Bro!
I now am perfectly secured of mosquito attacks - i got the Spider Phantom 8000 on my window corner and it will kill every mosquito who tries to come in with a furious charge - normally i don't like spiders, i am more the bug guy but this one is my new comrade - or maybe it is some evil soul bound from this planet a thousand years ago and now reappearing - say hello to my Phantom 800 :)

 The last week was full with finished miniatures. Soon all the photos are ready and the jungle can show to you why the bongo bongo is quiet sometimes.

Many thanks to Leonard who did sent me some bones of small animals - they are making me mad, cause they are sooooo cool and tiny - and still not the best to use yet as Raffa told me. I will give them a 3days bath in some Airbrush Cleaner to make them clean - as Raffa told me :)


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