Sunday music and WIP blablub

by Roman aka jar

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Work in Progress of different stuff - first i made a cool photo of Raffa drawing at my balcony yesterday:


Cool, heh? Sunday Painting Music.
Strange weekend, sun and rain mixing it up all the time. I had to paint a little birthday gift to my gf's dad which will be given to him in about an hour. He likes fishing and is in Norway every year to do so. So it was our thought to gift him a fisher model by JMD which i did paint in the last 2 days - sorry for the bad photo, i did it with my equipment and he will be soon given away - no time for better ones... hope he will like him - also another Work in Progress project included in the photo:

Peter was with me the last day and he did finally finish his gladiator bust which came out quite nicely in the end - really glad you finished it my buddy!

I also did finish 2 other figures - a grey knight which now wears copper armour and a bloody swamp troll by RBG. Here is a preview photo, soon better ones done at Raffa's ...

Read you soon, maybe ...
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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