Sculpting Rage and Finished Stuff!

by Raffa

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Hey there!

Some days have passed since the last blog post and i sculpted like a mad man :)
As i will soon be self employed i decided to make a online shop for miniatures and miniature related stuff soon... here are some sculpts and wip :)

Brekk 'The Lion'


And some finished Miniatures :)

A fire mage from Red Box Games.
The model was very much fun to paint :)
The pillar is self made from a set that will be released in the shop :)
I used the snow form Secret Weapon, it's a bit grainy but the effect is very nice as you can see!

A commission work, a Forgeworld model with a little conversion painted as a Deathwatch marine.
The shells on the ground are from Secret Weapon and the Base is a plaster copy of a base i once made as a prototype.
I tried to paint a very small OSL effect from the claw, nothing too eye catching :)

And finally a Forgeworld Chaos Dwarf, a small gift for Edgar :)
It was a very fast paintjob but i hope he likes it anyway!

Uhhhhm, and now something not miniature related, a birthday gift for a very good friend.
Painted with water color and a little help from the airbrush :)

Hope you like some of the stuff!


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