Joy of Creation III and some Kong Fu

by Roman aka jar

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Checking out the Secret Weapon Wire and ammunition shells on the "Protector of Stalingrad":

I have been asked "How am I?" and a deep growling out of the Kong Fu cave was heard:

 Mmh, most days start just like this wonderful video (thanks for showing to Raffa!!!!) and i wait to dance with my muse while the world spins round and round, then i find her, then we dance, then my normal life is back, my lady, my friends, then my muse dances with me again, day in day out - the video fits perfectly to how i am these days.

My parents split after 33 years of marriage 2 weeks ago, as my mum is still some kind of mentally ill, she found a new love and i hope she will be happy, my dad is tearing himself apart because of love and missing her, my sister seems to have relationship problems, she had some boyfriends, most of them turned out to be big arses or maybe it was her envy and mind fuck games she is playing all the time? - who knows, but i only can lent everyone of those i love my shoulder to cry or rest on, there are not much words to say when the words are already spoken before told. My girlfriend and my muse always help me to keep that weight up to my shoulders growing strong  like wings as higher it gets, not letting this weight sink deeper into my soul to reach my heart  and to make me feel like a stone under water :) - That is how i am - fine and happy of being alive and free to be what i am. Angry about the hard rules my girlfriend (Anna btw) explores everyday of being a teacher in Germany schools. It's more like a boot camp with the pupils and the government makes evil rules to ruin the day of every teacher out there - she comes home and not much power and happiness is often left, not much freedom, not much love for the simple things... i can't understand that anyhow as i am still breaking off from becoming a teacher in germany and have no actual practical experience at it... I hope i can be a centre of silence and patience to those around me, friends, family and those who suffer in anger, agony or heartpain. I just try to be who i am, full of honest chats with them and in the end i hope they'll find their place to rest inside themselves :) - How are you?


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