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Aloa jungle visitor,

much to tell and so less time.
This is the actual state of the jungle and its inhabitants. Some news got to be shared:

  • For all our french readers: there is a big update to the article section at "Basing Material". Big THANKS to Francois in helping us with the translations - a deep kong fu bow to you :)
  • Painting JAM and questions by email: I got some serious mails dropped in lately, they are freezed already since some days and i want to do a painting jam with your questions answered but i can't and don't find the time these days, as August is getting really busy for the jungle crew as there is a lot to focus on for ourselves. Every weekend is busy in August. Ay, ay, ay- please accept my honest appologies for not being able to answer you and help you through your projects at the moment.
  • Games Day Germany: Raffa and myself will be there - Raffa is in the jury, Ben and Matt are there doing some excurses and i will hang around too and do a little conversion excurse with the one of the new Fantasy Mages, twice. This is my second visit to a Games Day and i am really looking forward to enjoy meeting everybody. My first visit was in the year 2004, as far as i can remember while I still was mainly playing Tabletop. This year I will enjoy the athmosphere and feel a little sad that i won't make it to participate in the contest.
  • You are waiting for a parcel from my direction? Please be a bit more patient, i wasn't able to do it all as quick as i wanted but it all will be on the road in the upcoming days.

Once in a while there are projects finished. These days are pretty nice in this matter. Finishing stuff as i got way too much different projects. Here comes a little overview.


First there is a little fun project.
It is a Red Box Games Troll

He lives in the swamp,
he collects, he eats, he sleeps,
While there is the typicall town folk far away from his swamp,
you can already smell the Troll when coming near the swamp,
all those flies, all these trophies, they are all his and he will defend them,
together with his friend, James the swamp turtle :)

Swamp Troll defending his lair
Red Box Games, 28 mm

You can have insight on how Idid his burned wood club in this article. This sculpt was a lot of fun to paint as it is sculpted with damn cool muscles and details. Always wanted to paint a Troll. He is also up to CMON - if you want to hit a vote there or leave a comment feel invited to do so here!

He is build up to a Warhammer Fantasy Gaming base and will be sold soon. This is information is not really important I know, but I tell you because you might like to use him as a Troll in your army as soon he is available. First I have planned him as an exchange miniature with Hon from China, but there will be something better for him soon :)


The fisherman by JMD in 54 mm is next - he was a quickly done birthday gift for the dad of my gf. I did him in about 2 days and totally failed at the 2k water :D - no water with hectic, never again - but i do promise this to myself over and over again and always encounter the such hectic mistakes ... Hope you like him - the Norway flag is up his cap because the birthday person is in Norway once or twice a year for - now guess what - fishing :)

JMD, 54 mm

He was a lot of fun to paint, even i did not had much time to invest. I really had my fun on his skin and he also appears in the Basic Oil Paint Video with explanations and some insight on how i did work at the skin. He is also fishing for compliments over on CMON but i know that the water effect sucks :D - fisherboy will be happy about a vote or a comment he told his parrot yesterday. Strangely i was doing him in such a hurry and now some days after the birthday I still got him here as we forget to take him with us twice the last week. Strange Days.


The next miniature comes also in 54 mm and is sculpted by mati aka BADSMILE. There will be a damn cool SciFi Range by mati sooner or later with some cool sculpts - maybe you have already seen the Alien painted by Raffa. The model i did paint up is a Cultist infested by an Alien worm, but i let mati tell you the story when the stars rise clear into the sky ...



Again i did paint up a Grey Knight Model for gaming. This is the model where i have used the Secret Weapon 40 mm Bone Field Beleveled Base for. He is not grey as you would expect from the typicall Grey Knight - in fact he is copper this time as i did like this selection of colours here:

Grey Knight
Games Workshop, 28 mm

He will be for Sale soon - i keep you informed about the "Miniature for Sale" area update. This copper knight is also up to CMON, if you like to vote or drop a line, feel free to do so here.


I also did paint up a Champion of the Emperor and a Blood Angel Terminator, pretty quick for gaming purposes, nothing special here but the sword of the Champion was a lot of fun.

Champion of the Emperor
Games Workshop, 28 mm

Blood Angel Terminator
Games Workshop Space Hulk, 28 mm


Another Red Box Games Miniature was painted too: High Lord Valerion the Gilded. Mostly painted in true Metallics and they are horibble to photograph - so sorry for the bad photos. This guy is really tiny and also up top cmon ...

High Lord Valerion the Gilded
Red Box Games, 28 mm


So far - i already can't wait to the next photo session we do at Raffa's as i already finished the tiny Mortheim Harlequin and a Hydra Flak tank. Something for your isnpiration - really love this video:

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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