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Often seen the last days ...
The begin of a new Maulg-Project.
The model sculpted by Allan Carassco is sooo cool and really one of my favourites ever - he always invites me to do a conversion since i did him for the first time in his basic version.

Then the Ancient Hero Maulg was born with some parts by a 54 mm Pegaso model.
During the same time Raffa's great Subject 14 - Day 213 did do Maulg justice.
Robert's Frutti di Mare gave the word epic a new Maulg era ...
I saw another great version on the last painting class of mine too!

There are many more Maulgs outthere and i know when i say to those who did paint him up, that he is a really joy to do, isn't he? Such beauty in light and shadow to be painted, so much character and powers ... that is my personal view and so after i have one idea after the other as i did buy myself a Maulg at the last Duke of Bavaria. Another Maulg, a thousand ideas ... one did finally link up with my muse and it is getting started, wild Work in Progress impressions on "Epic Khal Maulgo - Supreme Leader of the Hordes" - still much, much, much to do ... but i am looking forward to make this


Hope you like him so far?
Let me know what you think and bring out your ideas, oppinions and thoughts - that would be really appreciated :)

Next i am planning to work on his cloak and spear and armoury, make some more fur, bring in some detail items. Meanwhile i do the base work and will start to pack the mule with some stuff ... yeaha! But first i am off for the weekend :)

Keep on happy painting and have a nice weekend!
Best Wishes


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