Bamboo Information Counter, WIP table and finished stuff

by Roman aka jar

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Is there anything better to start a big post with the right music? Enjoy, it is a message to two persons who just should dance and be happy for a moment:

A big post with much to tell from my side. Where to start?

Let's start with the ULTIMATE PLASTIC KNIGHT Challenge and a little update to the steady growing Prize list.

A big thanks to the wonderful guys over at the painting blog "DieVincis" for supporting the contest with laying the corner stone for a new Surprise box, which will be given away as the 2nd Prize. It will content a lot of usuable hobby things for your joy.

 "DieVincis" did support this box with the following content, it will be filled up by myself and Raffa and i keep you updated about its growing - big thanks to the "DieVincis" again and also a big thanks to Big Panda V for the little birthday gift - awesome!!! :D

By the way check out their blog as the content is really cool and there is a lot of Happy Painting going on over there. It was meant to be a german language only blog but lately they start to post in german + english - a must look!

The big surprise box, containing "The Protector of Stalingrad" is also updated with stuff. Useful stuff we hope, more to come soon. Here is a little update.

Next is a little view on my actual WIP table - nothing special fency there, but soon Hon's exchange miniature - the blurry knight in front will be finished.

Next are some photos made by brilliant Palak.
She showed them over on facebook and as i know about her available time for the jungle i have asked her if i can show them here too. Great inspiration by mother nature - clicked by the skillful and talented Palak (i won't show you all as there are way to many, i try to show my favourites -  let me know in the comments that i should show you some more and i will do so soon):

Following the instructions at the bamboo Information counter signpost there follows a little talk about some finished miniatures. First there is a little "Jester" who was struck badly by destiny but still tries to spread the word about Happines around the dark alleys of Mortheim - it's an old sculpt for Mortheim which was given only to staff members or sth like this - hope you like him:

Mortheim Jester
Games Workshop, 28 mm

I also did finish another comissioned Hydra Flak Tank.
The army of the comissioner is a very funny thing as far as i know the army is recruited from several different battalion who have survived a galaxy wide defeat some weeks ago. This one is a special Hydra Flak Tank, who is not in best conditions but still serves and its gunner has become a legend of being too stubborn to die amongst the Tyranid Swarm Fleet.

Hydra Flak Tank
Games Workshop, Forgeworld Parts, 28 mm

Also the For Sale area did recieve a little update on painted miniatures for sale - you can check it here!
So far, enjoy your weekend and be nice to eachother!
I wish you a happy painting time!


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