Tutorial: Building a sweet Mordheim Gaming Base

by Roman aka jar

 Hey Jungle,

a quick step by step on how I will build my gaming bases for a small Mordheim Dwarf Adventurer gang.

Well, there will be much more coming about this topic - not only from my end, but also from MV-Team Members Johannes and Josua. Wait for it! Soon!

Nothing too fency, but therefor, easy to follow and a home for this Slayer Dwarf:

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very important for me when it comes to the creation of a base is my vision for the miniature(s). In this case I see my dwarf adventures going into a muddy, overgrown, swamplike, abandoned dead city.

I choose to work with stone plates on the ground by the
company Juweela that you can find via PK-Pro.

A traditionaal Mordheim sized plastic base was used and superglue was added. I did not follow the lines of the base and set my plates up in a diagonal layout to keep the base more interesting. I am up to glue some stairs with the plates and decided for the front part to become mud later on when painting. A skull was plaaced there.

Right now the plates are overlapping. In the end I do not want to keep that, but I let the glue dry out properly before going havoc. I started to add the first start of micro details with smaller stone pieces.

A third row was added and you can already see how I play with damaage on the stones. Right now it is important for me to check back with the miniature I want to add and place on the base. Make sure it has a good standing ground.

When the glue is dry I flip it over and take my callipers to break of the overlapping edges.

I also created more damage to the stairs with using my callipers.

I was able to create some really interesting and realistic looking damage.

Placing the dwarf slayer.


Ready for some color.


Keep on happy painting!


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