Review: Private Coaching with Gabi

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

more private coaching reviews coming in the next weeks. Here is another one from the end of June.
I had the privilege to coach Gabi, who just got some colors and miniatures from a family member who did a break in miniature painting. Gabi was super interested in getting to learn this craft.

Not painting for a long time, she decided to contact me to learn proper techniques and apprroaches and we went far beyond our both expectations in the coaching.

Gabi aka @gabisflyingcolours says:

"The private coaching with Roman was a mind blowing couple of days. As a relative newbie to miniature painting (5 months) I was hoping to get to improve on my painting techniques, and we did that

…. and then so much more: To have an artist of his caliber put himself totally at the service of his students’ growth and creative vision is really quite a unique experience. While methodical and structured, Roman is so engaging and responsive that I got into the creative flow from the get-go, getting a totally new perspective on things that I thought I already knew and got heaps of exciting new ideas all along the way. He encourages you to stretch and inspires with his input and examples. In these two intense days I experimented a lot, learned so much more than I expected AND walked out with a beautiful piece of my own.

Oh, and did I mention that he’s the most generous and chill guy? I am glad that I had the opportunity to take this workshop full of creative joy at this early stage of my learning (I’m 5 months into mini painting) - and I hope I have a chance to come back sometime soon."

- Gabi

Thank you for your will to learn from me and the cool two days shared in my studio, Gabi.

Keep on happy painting!


Fully booked with Private Coaching lessons until 2023. Unfortanetely I can not plan new dates yet, as I plan to see group workshops return in full force in 2023. More plans will be available in late autumn 2022. Until then: If you are interested in updates on workshop news, sign up for my newsletter:
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