Review: Private Coaching with Christoph

by Roman aka jar

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Never underestimate the #Warmaster!

In Christoph's two day private coaching we were tackling our main topics of learning to paint atmosphere and in depth color theory. Christoph @cg_minipainting was able to start to lay down the fresh knowledge on #Horus (before the fall), but he is a beast and we were not able to push him further. Christoph leaves me with a bit of homework and I can not wait to see how he proceeds.

"The project would have never succeeded in this way without the wonderful support of my coach for the project @romanlappat.miniatureart

The coaching was phenomenal. Starting with the actual application of color theory, to skin tones and introducing atmospheric painting - it was truly inspiring. There are no words to describe the coaching besides - Thank you Roman!"

- Christoph

Christoph finished his version of Horus at home and the outcome is so cool. Horus standing in a ray of warmth, on the edge to start the great crusade and somehow it does feel that the dark is lurking at him already. Such a cool piece!

I am thankful that I was able to help you achieving your vision, Christoph!

Keep on happy painting!


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