MVTV: Speedpainting a face in about 15 Minutes!!

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

Massive Voodoo TV just recieved an upload to the advanced painting techniques section.
No it is not April! Enjoy!

Ultimate Miniature Face Painting Lesson
- See how I speedpainted a face in about 15 Minutes

In this video you can follow my painting demonstration on how to speedpaint a miniature face in about 15 Minutes. For more insight read describtion below.

It covers these topics:
- Underpainting with acrylic paint
- Planning Skin Variation with watercolor
- Wet in Wet Blending with acrylic paint
- Volume definition, light and shadow situation
- Painting eyes, hair and eyebrows
- Redifining blends, highlights and shadows
- Adding and intensifying Skin Variations

👍 You can follow Roman's work here:
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This is a very advanced method and melts together all above explained steps in a happy painting process. It can be used for all types of skin and scale. Also appliable to your Warhammer Gaming or Competition miniatures. There is not much explanation in form of talk. Roman is using this method since about three years and it is just a tool that he uses when he needs it. Very advanced means it is something you need to train. Roman is painting miniatures since almost two decades now and can use a lot of painting knowledge while he paints without thinking about it. This video is to inspire and to give insight into Roman's process. At least into one of them. Enjoy!


Acrylic Paints:
Ak-Interactive 3rd Generation
Schmincke Primeacryl

No additional mediums added, except the use of dirty painting water.

Watercolor/Aquarell: Schmincke Horadam

Brushes used: Some on Roman's table. No specific favourite brushes.

Wet Palette: MA-Sta-Wet-Super-PRO-Palette-(15"x11") 

Face: A 3D print of Tom Holland that Roman recieved as a gift from one of his students.


YouTube Music Library:
Island Dream - Chris Haugen
Snowy Peaks pt I - Chris Haugen
Koto San - Ofshane
Guitar House - josh pan --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Keep on happy painting!
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