News: Roman's Workshop's will be back in 2023!

by Roman aka jar


Weekend Workshops will be back 2023!
Most of them in the new studio! You can not sign in yet as I am reconstructing my homepage for smoother sign up flow! Stay tuned and save the dates!

Spontanously, I moved studio last weekend as I was presented with a great oppourtunity and luck: A much bigger studio where I can also teach my group seminars. The move was smooth as we just moved from second floor to first floor. I am in the middle of settings things up.

Weekend Workshops
They will be back in 2023. No group workshops will happen in 2022. First dates are set (see banner). You can not sign in yet as I am in the middle of reworking to make signing up easier. Stay tuned!

Private Coachings
Please contact me via mail to if you are interested for your private coaching. Right now I am almost fully booked until early May. There are a handful of possible dates left. New dates for later in 2023 will be available around March 2023.

Etsy News
At the moment updates on etsy went a bit silent due the studio move. Nonetheless, I do prepare some tutorials and step by steps of my actual projects. Additional I am working on the next workbook, which will be a massive tutorial guide that includes my Beginner Workshop content.

YouTube News
Massive Voodoo TV on YouTube will recieve future updates, including Painting Tutorials, Happy Painting Philosophy and more. Massive Voodoo itself will recieve a rebirth in the not so far future. The MV-Team is fully motivated to give this a proper start in the future to come, but keep it as a secret. Pretty sure you do not want to miss the first steps in that direction via:

Thank you for your support!
Keep on happy painting!


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