FM: Air Roman - 1/72

by David

Hey all,

it's David once again, back with a small peak on the latest mini I finished. As always, it's a mini in 1/72 scale - but this time, it's something really special. Without much ado, I present to you Air Roman, which I built as a present for Roman's 40th birthday!

As pretty much all of you will know, Roman is a huge fan of Batman - and he's a fantastic basketball player. So, what was more fitting than to build him a little "Air Roman" mini heading for the rim whilst wearing a Batman-themed top? The mini is from Caesar miniatures, I did a few conversions to make it look a bit like the man himself! It makes me very happy that Roman liked the little gift a lot.

The fantastic pics were taken by Roman. Thanks, brother!

The mini is also at Putty&Paint, if you feel like voting, check the link:

Thanks for your interest and talk to you soon,



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