Review NMM Masterclass with Tamer Widerspan in Soest

by Sebastian

 Hey Jungle Painters,  

 Sebastian here for another review.

This time I do a review on Tamer Widerspan's master class.
It is a 2 day workshop with a focus on NMM an held in german language. The course is almost a deluxe version. Food and drinks are provided. Likewise for snacks. You only have to take care of the overnight accomodation yourself. But since the whole thing takes place in a conference room of a hotel, it makes sense to spend the night there. Hotel Susato

It should be emphasized that there is a daylight lamp at each painting area. There is also a wide range of colors that can be used. If you forgot your wet palette, you can borrow one here. You only need your brush.

You get a pre-primed figure in black. Using example images of what NMM is and what it looks like, Tamer demonstrated a step-by-step demo. He showed his complete process from the black mini to the last brushstroke. Everything is supported by a camera on which you can check your status at any time without having to take a picture. Saves tons of time. The explanations were very good and understandable. He also answered questions and was able to explain everything very well. Tamer was supported by his partner David Latocha. David is in no way inferior to Tamer when it comes to knowledge and friendliness. He always had an open ear and always gave the right impetus to get back on track.

Each participant could decide for his individual NMM. Steel colors, green to gold, you can decide for yourself. This resulted in a colorful display from all participants. The technique shown is independent of the color of the NMM and therefore a colorful variety is possible.

The summary of the two days is extraordinarily positive in all aspects. Anyone who would like to spend 2 days with concentrated knowledge from two friendly and helpful people can register for this master class without hesitation and will not be disappointed.
Many thanks Tamer and David for these two great days.

Would you like to take part in this NMM Masterclass yourself?
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