FM: Knight of St Lazarus - 1/72

by David

Hey all,

it's David once again, back with a small peek on the latest mini I finished - of course in 1/72 scale. This time it's one of the so called "leper knights" from the Knightly Order of St Lazarus. Check out the order's history over at Wikipedia, it's super interesting.

The mini is a 1/72 print of a 3D sculpt by the incredibly talented Reconquer Designs. Big thanks go out to my jungle brother Josua for the printing help.

In painting the mini and creating the base, I was going for a dusty, desert-type of athmosphere. I wanted to impress the feeling that the knight is standing on a rocky cliff overlooking an arid landscape in the scorching-hot sun of the Levante.

The banner is scratch-made from a piece of paper. If you're interested in how I did this, check the little tutorial I wrote a few weeks ago: Tutorial - How to Make a Banner.

The mini is also at Putty&Paint. If you feel like voting, follow the link:

Thanks for your interest and talk to you soon,



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