News: Next Beginner Workshop with Kilian

by Kilian

 Hello fellow Jungle Painters,

the time has come to announce my second workshop, taking place at Battle Bear in Kaiserslautern. 

Unfortunately it is of a bit short notice, but I was not able to announce it earlier. I had loads of fun in the first workshop, and I am looking forward to see a lot of you guys mid of October.

The Workshop will be held in Kaiserslautern at our store Battle Bear

If you're interested, you can book/enroll the workshop directly in our webshop.

The workshop will be held in German language.

The workshop will be based on Romans Beginner Workshop, but it will feature a different miniature. The workshop is aimed for beginners and will cover topics like:

  • Contrast
  • Light & Shadow
  • Color Therory
  • Priming
  • Painting different Materials

I am really excited and hope to see you in person!

Keep on Happy Painting


PS: I can only recommend you to take part as Kilian is a trainee of mine and I help him to teach in high quality! (Roman)


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