Tip of the week

by Roman aka jar

what tip do I want to give with this strange photo?
Several ones actually. Everything has its right moment. A photo shot. A dance. Painting on a certain project. Finishing a model. Wait for it. It can not be forced.

Everything has a golden angle you want to take the photo from, especially figures. For example a bust's best photo you show should always show the figures face and even better connects with the look that you painted in the busts eyes. A good example is this mermaid bust painted by Melissa. I was able to hold this bust in my hands while doing judging work at NOVA Open and it is a wonderful example on this. I fell in love with her look from this particular angle. She looks at me. She wants me to come to the ocean with her.

Keep such things in mind when you do photos of your next project.

Keep on happy painting!


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