Angels Sanguine Primaris

by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey jungle,

it´s just a few months ago when the new editon of Warhammer 40 hit the stores and all fell in love with the new Primaris Space Marines. Some even call them the "True Scale Marine". As I´m a good old fan boy and the new ruleset made it possible to get back into the game easily, I bought the starter box and prepared my unholy Death Guard for battle.My idea was to slowly convert the Primaris Marines into Death Guard Marines, all the bits were already prepared, but time is always a short resource. So, the Marines still wait for their chance to serve Great Father Nurgle, but hopefully this might change, soon!

Nevertheless, one of those guys helped me changing my mindset regarding the hobby. After a longer period of lacking motivation, I took one of the the Primaris and started painting. Somehow I managed to really enjoy this and leave a dark valley . I will probably tell you more about this in some time as it is strongly connected to the actual painter´s scene and I want to share my thoughts. But this needs a good preparation and for now, you simply get some pictures :)

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