Painting an emotion: #01 Envy

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

I like to paint emotions. Lately I was painting a lot of atmospheric projects, but emotions are a far greater painting joy for me to bring to life. Of course for painting your emotions you need to be a self reflecting person and understand your very own emotions.

Painting Emotions
Painting emotions is something I love to do. Ever since in my life my creativity is strongly connected with my emotional situation and emotions, good or bad ones can be a fuel to creation. Emotional painting is much more than story-telling as it does not present you a story. It presents a feeling and as people are different, different people will imagine a visualisation of a feeling differently than others. It can happen that not everyone reads an emotion exactly like I do or anyone else does.

Some years ago I tried to capture a pain I was not able to bare.
Way back some years I tried to capture sadness in a figure project. I tried to capture being drunk and happy. I tried to capture hope once in a while or being happy. I tried to capture pride.I tried to capture the emotion of absolut confusion.

Well, I tried to capture another emotion just recently,
but the project has a longer story.

This week I taught a two day private coaching with Felix, which was an absolute blast for me as a teacher and for my student. Some cool days. Last week I have been to Raffa's casting basement to pick up something and checked the garbage there for curiosity. Of course, when casting you will have some failed casts and Raffa has even more fail casts as he only sells superbly perfect casts. I grabbed some failed ones from the garbage to just use them as quick explanation surfaces in the coaching. I found one of FER Miniatures Laszlo and fell in love with him. Used it for this project. Thanks, Raffa.

This time I painted the emotion

About my personal feelings and experiences with envy.

I hate it. I have seen it. I put it away some years ago.

Envy is one of the emotions
that does not lead to anything in my oppinion. With anger I can work, with being superhappy I can work, but envy gives me nothing in return when I let it sink in. Just nothing. I took my demon of envy into a chest, locked it thight, rowed to a small island, dug a hole there, put the chest in it and put all the earth and heavy stones back on top of it. Did not mark an "X" on my map for it and left the island. Just abandoned envy.

Since then I do not hear this demon yell, scream or annoy me. It's been a while now, where I did not see this fella again as the chest seems to hold him put, pretty well. Maybe also the far away island and the several oceans between me and this chest. This was a good and healthy decision.

Funny thing was I painted that little demon of envy. In his chest.
Angry, because of being locked away in this chest. He looks like this,
photo in lightbox with big camera:

This is in fact a very small bust. Here with my hand for size comparision
- photo on worktable with mobile:

And some more from the photobox.

You can find more photos via Putty&Paint or

First I thought about not showing it yet as I plan to do "Anger" next and make a small series of these, but I could not hold back as I like it so much
- hope you do too?
Let me know your envy experiences, your thoughts on envy and if you see it in this bust?

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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