Tip of today

by Roman aka jar

Do something that you have never done before
and do it again. As often as you can in life. Give things you are scared of a new chance. Grow and learn by enjoying life. Close old chapters from the past and continue to move forward. Help others and be a great person. These words mean a lot and it is only recommended to breathe them.

If you are an early reader of Massive Voodoo,
you might remember our honored member of the Team, Robert. I just tried to link his profile up, but found out that he did not write one, for example like Philip.I you do not know Robert from his miniature project it is not your fault. He has been inactive for a long while now and this is nothing bad. He is following the upper tip and enjoying it. If you want to know him for his creations I can only recommend checking out Frutty di Mare.

On such a project you can explain many great things for the figure painter. Back then we somehow just explained how to scratchbuild lamps. Why? Hahahahahaa! There is also a video filled with great memories with a lot of insight.

while we can all agree that this was stupid to not write more or whatsoever, but we also learn to close old chapters from the past it is time to see Robert again here on the blog, so everybody who knows him can remember him, not for his new creations, but for the creation he is:

Miss ya, bro! You should move closer!


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