Tip of the week

by Roman aka jar

This tip of the week is - again - on a very significant topic:
Observation skills.

Learn to obvserve what your eyes see day by day and learn from it for painting. I call this visual studying and what I can tell is that this helps me a lot while on my journey as a painter. Give it a try and read an article about visual studying here and even for different months of the year:; Autumn, winter, spring ... (still missing summer on this one, but in progress).

Others might call it carbage. I find beauty in dead bonsai trees and of course in alive ones too. The color of soil and the variety of elements.

A dark blue night. Colors change by daytime.
 The color of stones is not neutral grey.

 Reflecting material works different with light and shadow than non-reflecting material.

Take your time to enjoy the small things in life and train your eye to find them.

Keep on happy painting!

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