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by Roman aka jar

Aloa Jungle,


From the start. As some of you might have recognized I was quite busy with several things the last weeks. I was planning blogposts ahead and wrote them to appear while I was travelling. Just to not see our jungle dwellers getting bored somehow.

Well I was also very busy with plans and projects since my first art exhibition earlier this year.
This event lead too many new ideas in my brain that are soon able to see sunlight. One idea that was already shown is Fehur, the Treeman.

Printed Miniature Art

One idea out of it were my miniature art postcards,
another one is a fine artprint by one of my favourite projects called
"the Nightwatch".

This project does mean a lot to me. You can find a full step by step on it here on Massive Voodoo. The original is now at a collector's home and I am really happy to know that is in good hands.

I got asked by a good friend of mine, Manuel who asked me for an artprint of this project on demand. The idea and how it turned out was just beautiful and we both agreed on that this does make a hobby room something special:

Manuel's workspace with framed miniatureart artprint of the Nightwatch
Of course signed and as limited, numbered.

I showed this to some friends and had to order another small amount of numbers.

I decided to limit the number of these prints to 75, overall. So far 7 already are in their new homes without announcing it. Cool, thank you very much! One was auctioned via Nova Open Charity Foundation. Another one can be won via a raffle in the actual MV Competition. All you got to do is take part.

Product details - this ain't no poster:
Size: Motive 40 x 40 cm, Final size: 46 x 46 cm
Limitation: 7/75 (15 are printed, we print on demand, shipping time can be up to two weeks)

Get yours online!
Or check back with Mr's Lee's booths
on Euro Militaire Show or Scale Model Challenge.

Printed on handmade Hahnemühle William Turner 310 g/m² paper this limited print of 75 pieces shows Roman Lappat’s project called “the Nightwatch” in high end quality. A beautiful piece with a matte look for your hobby cave or even your living room. Miniature Art for your wall, not framed. Each print will be signed by Roman Lappat and numbered.

This idea of mine will be distributed by Mr. Lee's Minis.

If you want to get yours, check their store not only for high quality artprints.

Still? Splash?
Ogre Maneater, sculpt by Roman Lappat, painted by Kirill Kanaev
(thx Kirill for letting me use these)

"The townsfolk of Riverside used to tell the fairy tales about Ogres from the hills to their children to frightened them and make them listen. One day the Ogres came down from the hills and now there is no townsfolk anymore, Riverside burnt to the ground and all children eaten. An ogre raid is no joke."

Well yeah, got more to say on these things I was working on. You might remember my Ogre bust that I once sculpted? It now is available via Mr. Lee's Minis too.

If you are interested in a full step by step article on how I sculpted this Ogre check the magical link you just might have skipped.

So far from the splash news!
Keep on happy painting! 


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