Mu 99- Fehur, the Treeman

by Massive Voodoo

Aloa Jungle people, 
today it is time for another review on MV. 

This is review #99

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Today we will have a look on "Fehur, the Treeman" published by Mr Lee´s Minis (concept by Roman Lappat, sculpt by Romain van den Bogeart).

Some of you have already seen this bust on the internet, painted by Roman.
just got his hands on one of this beautiful kits. Let´s hear what he has to say about the walking tree.

Peter: I had the chance to get my hands on one of this beautiful kits before the official publication. Roman asked me to do an honest review here on the blog and I will be happy to do so.

Many of you might have already seen the boxart, done by Roman. I was lucky to follow his steps on the bust while visting him in the studio. I realized, how much power Fehur incorporated. There are no weapons, no big unrealistic boobies, no armour, not science... in short: nothing typical from the world of miniature painting... just a simple smile and a peaceful appearance. In addition, the animals and especially the bark would be a very interesting experience to paint. I was looking foreward to a peaceful and challenging paintjob.

This bust is now leaving pre-order phase and is now officially available for order at Mr Lee's Minis or via email to mrleesminis(at)gmail(dot)com or ready to be picked up at a show with Mr Lee's Minis booth. For example this upcoming weekend at Euro Militaire or Scale Model Challenge soon.

Now, let´s have a look at the parts you get:

The kit consists of 8 parts:
  • body
  • 2 owls
  • 5 small limbs
The kit´s first appearance is pretty good.
There are no airbubbles or damages from the casting process. A bit of cleaning will be necessary, but this seems not to be a big issue.

Let´s have a look at the main part, the body:

Oh, he is smiling... I really like him already. The squirrel on his shoulder supports his peaceful look. The cast itself looks very good as there are no mouldlines visible.

His sides are covered with tiny details and there is so much potential to be harvested with the brush. Little work with a blade or sanding paper has to be done.

On the back and his right side are small mouldlines, but nothing which should bother an experienced painter. Ten minutes of cleaning at maximum.

The fixpoints for the limbs look clean and there shouldn´t be any bigger problems to glue them on place. Perhaps a bit of gap-filling will be necessary, but this could also be achieved with thick super glue.

A look at the two owls:

The owls are an interesting detail. They don´t seem to fit any specific race. It´s more like Romain was inspired by a number of different scources and tried to find a compromise, in order to give the painter as much room for interpretation as possible. Nevertheless, the quality of the sculpt is awesome and the cast has no flaws.

There is one point for concern.
The drains for the resin were positioned at the end of the tiny tail feathers. When removing the spare resin, you have to be very careful not to break the feathers. I suggest a thin resin saw.

A look at some small parts, the limbs:

Fehur has five small limps which are separated from the main body and have to be glued. As you can see on the picture, there is a bit of cleaning work to be done. Due to the casting process, it´s always hard to prevent any moldlines from appearing. 

Final look:
Unfortunatly, I forgot to take a picture after assembling the bust. But here is a picture just right before I primed my version (with a bit of additional details).


Fehur, the Treeman is a very interesting and unique bust. The look, the peaceful appearance, the challenging structures and volumes... this is surely not a bust for beginners and needs a good preparation in oder to not lose yourself in the sculpt. It´s also not a bust to show off your super smooth blending-techniques. No, this bust is made for having fun with color. Fehur is already on my table and after getting used to this new concept, I really enjoy the hours with him very much. In my opinion, it´s one of those busts you will always remember for the freedom it offers and the challenges you met on the road towards the final brushstroke.

Scale: 1/12 (~100mm)
Price: 35 GBP + shipping
Order: via Mr Lee's Minis!
or via email to mrleesminis(at)gmail(dot)com

I hope, you enjoyed this review and we will be back with more, soon :)

Best regards,


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