SMC: Saturday Night Basketball

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle friends,

we got some monkey news concerning the upcoming Scale Model Challenge in October.
Some of the MV monkeys will be at the Show: Peter, Phil and Josua. I will be there too, even I thought I will definatly not make it first, because of a knee operation. This is a longer story. Too long to be told here.

After last years fun
we had in a spontaneous basketball game we decided to do this again this year, but with a little more time in advance and organisation so everybody who wants to join the fun can bring proper sports clothes, friends and a little time. If you want bring swimming clothes too as you can jump in the pool after the game and even sauna to relax before heading for the bars and talks. Thanks to Andy for allowing me to use some of the photos he made from last years fun we had.

Thanks to
Margot and Robert Crombeecke who helped with organisational things and spoke with the hotel to have the gym all for us in this time. 

What if you think you can not play basketball?
Well this does not matter, everyone is welcome for the game as we only play chilled and for the fun of sports and community. We also play relaxed to not hurt ourselves. Sport is just a great way to communicate beside figure painting, isn't it? Come join us Saturday night!

We are looking forward to the SMC!


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