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Good Morning jungle,

are you already in project mode for Massive Voodoo's brand new challenge?
If not. Well, what are you waiting for?

Recently I finished a comission piece for a private collector.
The model is by studio McVey. I was really happy that my long time client was open to let me find my own inspiration for the full project. He wanted my vision. I am thankful for this. While looking at her I always came up to the idea of an "Oni", but therefor it is good to know the meaning behind this word.

Wikipedia on "Oni":

() are a kind of yōkai from Japanese folklore, variously translated as demons, devils, ogres, or trolls. They are popular characters in Japanese art, literature, and theatre.[1]

Depictions of oni vary widely but usually portray them as hideous, gigantic ogre-like creatures with sharp claws, wild hair, and two long horns growing from their heads.[2] They are humanoid for the most part, but occasionally, they are shown with unnatural features such as odd numbers of eyes or extra fingers and toes.[3] Their skin may be any number of colors, but red and blue are particularly common.[4][5]
They are often depicted wearing tiger-skin loincloths and carrying iron clubs called kanabō (金棒). This image leads to the expression "oni with an iron club" (鬼に金棒 oni-ni-kanabō), that is, to be invincible or undefeatable. It can also be used in the sense of "strong beyond strong", or having one's natural quality enhanced or supplemented by the use of some tool. In addition to this, it can mean to go overboard, or be unnecessarily strong or powerful.[6][7]"

Placed her on a plinth by Artificer Terrain and build up the base around her, using several different basing techniques I am pretty sure of speaking about as soon as I write a step by step on this project. Which I will do in the future as I took enough photos. Here is one out of this collection:

I was also very happy to have no exact time frame or pressure by my client. Thank you very much for this. I was able to evolve the project in the time it needed.

Studio McVey, 28mm

You can find more photos of her, via romanlappat.com.

Keep on happy painting and yes I know, she is far away from being a typicall "Ogre or Troll Oni" :D


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