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Good Morning Jungle,

like we told you: More finished models by Roman.
This time it is Zhork-Seth by Ares Mythology, Draconia in 75 mm.

Roman really wanted to paint up this guy so hard, as he looks like such a badass asskicker.
Actually Roman even thinks the name does not fit perfectly. He more looks like a "Bor Skallagrim" to him. Whatever, the paintjob was fun and the model was just great from the resin quality and the assembly part. Roman hopes you like it too?

Draconia, 75 mm

 If you want to see more photos of this model, please check Putty&Paint.

The model is not on sale anymore. The miniature was sold to a private collector!
Thank you for your support in my passion, work and art!
Soon Roman will update the for sale information on the blog, but right now Roman is busy until Monday. Monday will be Roman's big office catchup day. Beware of Monday!

Keep on happy painting!


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