Slaughterpriest of Khorne

by Massive Voodoo

"What are these Pokemon?
- and do they have skulls?"

Well, this is quite the base with too many skulls. I decided to do this once in a lifetime only, a tribute to Khorne. It represents a chosen Chaos Warrior of Khorne, why GW named them "Slaughterpriests" is a mistery to me as for me all followers of Khorne are priests of Slaugther. My oppinion. The miniature itself was a true joy to paint and I enjoyed to let the colors dance.

Expect a full step by step on this in the future of :)

Slaughterpriest of Khorne
Games Workshop, 28 mm

Hope you like him too -
Keep on happy painting!

PS: In private collection. Thank you for your support in my work, passion and art.

PPS: Important notice:
Soon Roman is heading out to his painting class in Sweden and also adds some days of vacation to this trip. From early August on Roman is doing blogging-holiday. Estimated time to be back is end of August or early September as soon as he returns home from the NOVA OPEN 2016.

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