Mu 84 - Mr Lee's Minis - The Mutant

by Massive Voodoo

Yeppa Jungle people, 
today it is time for another review on MV. 
Second one in this week, ai ai ai.

This is review #84
- if you are interested in getting to know more products we regularly use, check the overview on the Miniatures/Material Unpacked, in short MU.

Today we will look closer on a Mutant.
Mutants can be futuristic kind versions of Shrek, but this one ain't.
He ain't an ogre, but looks like a supermutant-ogre-mechanical beast.

The Mutant we are looking at is by MrLee's Minis
and distributed by BrokenToad or directly via mrleesminis[at]

Official Box-Art
photo credits by BrokenToad

This is what the homepage says:

The Mutant

54mm scale resin cast miniature, 70mm tall approx Sculpted by Tue Kaae
Supplied unassembled and unpainted
12 separate pieces

The model is at 25,00 GBP + shipping. 

Let's see what Massive Voodoo says to the kit. Roman is taking over the review now.
We hope you enjoy.


Mu 84 - MrLee's Minis - The Mutant
The box arrives like this. Cool sticker on top and the model loose inside. As the box is small it is quite packed with that big resin guy. Just don't play la cucaracha with that box or you might damage fragile parts.

Many parts drop out of this box. If you are a complete starter in miniatures this might be truely confusing and the non-exisiting assembly plan does not help either, but if you already know how to assemble a more complex miniature you are good.

Let's sort these parts a little bit.

Tue sculpted a tea bag to it. You can either leave it be, hanging in the open fresh air or hide it behind a loincloth.

The face draws attention too as this supermutant is screaming his pain from all the machines working in his body. Loincloth to the left. Pipes.

The casting quality is fine, still needs some cleaning up here and there.

Roman loves these hands. Really powerful sculpting work.

The detail on them is really sweet for painting.

Ok you can see Roman's attention was mainly drawn to these powerful hands. They play a big part in the appearence of the model. Let's build up that guy now to see how everything fits in place.

Well, it is not an easy kit, but it looks damn cool when done and he is huge. Sold as 54 mm in scale, he is definatly a tall guy in 54 mm, more like 75 mm. The parts fit ok. Not perfect and filling gaps is necessary. We used Milliput here on: Filling Gaps with Milliput.

A massive piece and with all the machinery attached you might understand why he looks so ... in pain? Angry? Confused? Blinded by the Machine Gods?
Well, a really cool sculpt by Tue. A sculpt you do not see everyday and with a dynamic pose and different materials definatly a "look-forward-to-paint" for Roman.

The assembly part was a little more complex than usual due the many parts and no assembly plan. The resin quality is good, cleaning work of the many pieces took some moments, seven moments overall and the gap filling was unavoidable. Overall a descent cast which needs its time in prep works.

Get yours via BrokenToad or directly via mrleesminis[at]

La Cucaracha!

PS: Next review will start with a gift wrap. Stay tuned!


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