In times of WAAAGH! ...

by Massive Voodoo

In times of WAAAGH!, burning bridges light his way!"
Friederich von Altdorf, Imperial Garrison Commander in Altdorf on Warboss Grazhak Ironjaw during the siege of Altdorf.

Another day in the jungle, another one of Roman's finished paintjobs.
He really needs to catch up with stuff like that as there are many more to show.

This one is a small conversion from GW's kinda new Orc Warboss model.
Roman really enjoyed that one as you can probably see. Do not miss the Snotling pointing
his middle finger to the enemy lines. Well, he has all the reason to do so, rocking the battlefields close to this guy.

We hope you enjoy this piece 
- stay tuned as Roman is working on a series of articles for Figure Painter Magazine on the progress of this beast.

In times of WAAAGH! ...
Games Workshop, 28 mm

If you want to see more photos of this piece, 
please check back via Putty & Paint.

This model was sold to private collector.

Thank you for your support in my work, passion and art.

Keep on happy painting!



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