by Massive Voodoo

 Good Morning Jungle,

like we said, some more finished miniatures by Roman dropping in.
Thanks to Roman's friend Erik, who got himself the AVP Game Roman was able to ask for and recieve one Alien model to paint. It was a lot of fun, especially because Roman is a big Alien fan. He really loves the old movies and even some of the new ones.

The base was scratchbuild by Roman during a painting class and found a good use beneath this miniature finally.

Alien, 28 mm
from boardgame: "AVP: The Hunt begins" - Prodos Games
Model: Alien Infant

28 mm, Prodos Games

 If you want to see more photos of this model, please check Putty&Paint.

The model is not on sale anymore. The miniature was sold to a private collector!
Thank you for your support in my passion, work and art!

Keep on happy painting!


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