Review: MV's BÄM² Class, Augsburg, Germany

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle of Massive Voodoo,

it is review time.
Review of a very special painting class by Massive Voodoo.

The so called "BÄM²" class.  
This class is special as this class concept is about training your skills, in a small group with two teachers: Raffaele Picca and Roman Lappat from MV. A full weekend with a really well working concept and time on hand.

The class is also special as so far Raffa and Roman have so far done five of them.
The last four were done in 2012 and 2013, so there it was not happening for a longer time.
Check the reviews here!

Now Roman and Raffa decided to bring this class back,
with an updated concept a new miniature in tow.

Many thanks to FER Miniatures for their support!

We did meet up in Roman's old school, "Staatsinstitut zur Ausbildung von Fachlehrern" in Augsburg, Germany again where he studied to become a teacher. It is a great venue for classes and many followed the call. Thanks to everybody who was a part of this class.

A very inspiring light situation. Olloolloo!

The building is an old hospital, freshly renovated and one of the art class rooms is in the old hospital chapel. A beautiful and inspiring place. This is where the class took part.

Everybody was ready for the BÄM². 
Raffa and Roman explain their "BÄM²"- teaching goals, or you can call it the "BÄM²-effect" as a personal step forward in individual painting skills. The class content is aimed at their students to give them more self-confidence and knowledge in the field of miniature painting, combined with practical work on a bust over one full weekend. 


With two teachers and a group of ten students there was plenty of time to give individual coachings on different questions, topics and "issues", this going alongside a very structured class concept that starts with ...

Drawing and Sketching.

Making many thoughts before everyone starts with the work on the miniature.

You can call it a "battle plan".

Why and how to do so?
Well, Roman and Raffa explained this in detail at the class.

Everybody busy, everybody battle-planning.

We did paint a lot, laugh a lot and learnt a lot. 
The venue is also really cool as you are somehow always surrounded by some artistic work that is done by actual students of the school. This one in particular draw all our attention.

Well, we very really busy. So busy that this review will not recieve a big amount of supermuch photos, but here is another one of everyone being busy :)

Busy with applying their basic colors after we worked on the concept.

That booty ...

The classroom from the outside, being busy late at night.

Being busy leads to results ... still we have to be busy for final details:

So everyone busy again, but this time black and white.

More busy painting. Aiming to BÄM².

Being busy leads to final results
for the weekend and Raffa and Roman are very proud teachers when they look at their students results. Training stage completed with fabolous pirates:

This one was missed on the group shot as Andy had to leave a little earlier to catch his train.
Many, many thanks 
to all of you for a great painting weekend. Thanks for your trust in our teaching skills, for travelling to Augsburg, for the nice moments and the funny hours.

And we missed Jörg on the group shot, he went outside and was waiting for everyone to come too for the photo. Roman did not manage to include him in the group shot via photoshop or was he just too lazy? Who knows ...

Keep on happy painting everyone!

We will try to offer this class concepts once in a while,
so stay tuned to get your game on!


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