Tenzing, the swift wind of the mountains

by Massive Voodoo

Black Crow Miniatures
Sculpted by Lucas Pina, painted by MV member Roman.
Such a wonderful sculpt to paint.

"They call him the swift wind in the mountains,
the rock in the sea of grass, the eagle of the sky.
Tenzing is famous amongst his clan. He is a very calm person, always sitting with legs crossed,
telling tales to the children, helping everyone with tents, horses and hunting, but they also say do not insult him,
show him respect. If you don't one day in the sea of grass there might be an arrow with your name on it.
Nothing will warn you, it will just struck you, faster than lightning, between the eyes. Not even the mountains will hear it whistle. Never make Tenzing your enemy. Never."


This bust is for sale. If interested please contact: jarhead(at)massivevoodoo(dot)com

Keep on happy painting!


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