Review: MV's Jar's Beginners Class - Gernsheim, Germany

by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle people,

one week ago Roman held his 50th Anniversary class of his beginner class.
It was a really busy weekend with a bunch of cool miniature painters who made the weekend what it was.

Let Roman take you through his thoughts on the class and enjoy the review!



I want to start this review of the class different.
I will not tell what we have done from the class schedule.
I will not tell you with which colors we had problems.
I will not explain why I still use demonettes on my beginners class, still.

This time I just want to start the review from the heart.
I have to start with the people who attented to the class,
 my students for this weekend.

I want thank you for your trust in me teaching my way in Miniature Painting - I really like this photo as I can see in your eyes that everyone is on a start of a journey. His own journey in colors, in light and shadow, in inspiration. We all are - even me! I wish you all a great journey - learning never stops so the journey is endless - have fun on your way of happy painting!

Before I dig deeper into the class I want to show you what these painters painted during one weekend. Even while I was talking a lot about stuff.

 I want to start with the ones taking the class for the first time. They are forced to paint a demonette, build up a base and paint it all together. They have to, no discussion. Additional to this they encounter me during a class brabbling a lot about theory of painting, my thoughts on color theory, my painting techniques, inspiration and much more. Poor people indeed, but I try to leave everyone a little freedom on his base idea, color choices and ideas. That is most important for me.

Most of them - I allow myself to say this, no offence - come from a gaming background. Painting up Miniatures for their Armies and Games. After a class I am always a very proud teacher to see results like this.

Thanks to Lucky for shooting those pretty cool photos!

Well, yes. There are people coming again to this class. Everytime I feel very honoured by this fact. Repeaters do not have to paint a demonette, they are free to choose their "project" for the class, their learning focus and their goal they want to reach with me looking over their shoulder and helping where I can.

Sadly we were not able to take all photos from each model as some people had to leave a little earlier.

Beside showing you the results of the class I want to thank a lot of people.
I want to thank Peter and Johannes for oganizing the class. Johannes and André and their Tabletop-Club for organizing their club location.

If you are interested to find some cool people to hang out with and live close to Gernsheim, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Mainz or Wiesbaden and enjoy the hobby I can only recommend to check out their Club Info:

I want to thank Jann and Norman for good chats and car rides to the venue.

I want to thank the sponsors of the class who help the class with materials:

The weekend was splendid and beside hardcore painting time we even had time to spent one lunchbreack at a greek restaurant. I want to thank the owner for being so good on time with our order. That was just amazing and saved us a lot of time for painting again.

Some more impressions from the class. Thanks to Johannes and Martin for allowing me to use their photos. I did not take some proper ones myself as I was busy all the time.

Allright. So far from this cool weekend. I hope you enjoyed the review.
See you on another future class of happy painting!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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