MV Insta-Bases! Now available!

by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle Painters,

we know it.
It took us a little while.
Finally here they are!

Thanks to the collaberation with Secret Weapon Miniatures - one of the finest company in the industry of tabletop equipment -  we are proud to present to you the MV Insta-bases!

Not only we are excited about them,
check out Secret Weapon's offer for the launch:
These 40mm resin bases are in-stock, and shipping now -- AND they're part of our extended Blackest Friday sale, which means they're also 25% off for the launch!

With this offer they make the perfect Christmas present for every miniature painter!

MV Insta-Bases
 are 40mm base toppers that can be used for gaming bases or display plinths.
They offer a quick option to have a great base and with paintwork and/or a little additional work they can vary so much in their unique look. You can read a lot more about them in the next couple of days!

So far, 
Roman and Raffa sculpted four different styles, but for you they offer millions of stories to tell!

One, two, three, four ...

Stay tuned and get your MV Insta-Bases at Secret Weapon Miniatures!


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