MV's Mad Max Car Contest - Issue 2

by Massive Voodoo

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are you ready?
We are asking: Are you ready?


We can not hear you ...



Welcome to the second round of 

A Contest about cars, madness, motor oil, speed, Valhall, tires, chrome, witnesses and motor muscles.
After you helped us to enjoy the first issue so much back in 2011 we are looking forward to celebrate this mad contest with all of you. If you want to see the winners and entries of the first issue please see this link!

Back in 2011 we had 29 entries overall. We are pretty sure that this time we will see more!
So before any further blabla about "chrome" and "mediocre" we will have the rules, necessary information and more for you all!

IMPORTANT, but tiny sidenote: 
Please ask questions to the contest only here via comment! We will answer them all in this place. 
We can not garantuee you answers if you write on facebook, email or chatrooms or letters.

You are alive. 
That is the only thing that matters in this mad world.
All is hell, all is chaos, everyone is mad.
You are one of them. Who are you? What car are you driving?
Make yourself stand out, make yourself and your car rise out of the Ashes of this world.
You are alone and you alone can gain ultimate glory on the Road of Fury.

Well, if you are a proud geek you will know the Movie "Mad Max - Fury Road" and might have seen him several times already. We on MV think it is one of the best movies ever. It feels so good, so real to watch a movie again not being overloaded with Special FX. Finally a movie, not watching a computer game.

If you do not know the movie, this contest is nothing for you. If you know the cool and old "Mad Max" Movies, but this was never your thing, give the new one a try to make this contest something for you. It's different, not only mediocre:

We want you to build up your crazy car.
The car that you would ride in this postapocalyptic scenerio.
Your friend, your machine, your soul, your weapon, your hiding place, your fortress, your home.

Rules are simple:
There are none!
Well, one. Ok, two! Damn, three! Oh shiat, four!
- Use whatever scale you like!
- Do whatever you like with your bases!
- Do whatever you like to convert and rebuild your car!
- Show WIPs and Photos of your progress whenever, whereever you like!
- Use whatever parts you think, enjoy, like, love, find crazy!
- You can build with or without miniatures!
- Ask as many questions about the rules as you like via comments on this post!
- You can sent photos of your entry whenever you are ready!
- You do not have to make a new project, you can work on whatever you like!
- Everyone can participate, execpt the judges.
- Do not read so many "no-rules", rather read the rules:

Rule 1 - Contest End Finish your project until Monday, May 2nd 2016 
(this is the last day, as soon as the day turns 3rd of May in Germany the contest is over!)

Rule 2 - Photos
Make photos of your entry and sent them to us via: mv(at)
Please be aware that this contest is judged by the photos we recieve. If you make ultrabad photos of your beautiful entry we are still not able to judge proberly. Make good ones, several angles, focus on what you want to show us. Take your time.

Make sure to sent photos in a "normal" size, not ultrabig files. 

Make sure to sent us single photos of each angle, no collages.
Make sure to know as soon as the entry is recieved and Roman is checking his mails you will recieve a "Confirmation Answer" so you know the entry is recieved. If we have any questions left to you we will ask you via mail. 

With your entry submitted you allow Massive Voodoo to use your photos for reports about this contest or future advertisments for future Mad Max Car Contests.

Rule 3 - Be Safe! We all know that in a crazy mad postapocalyptic world no rules count, but very important for us is that while you are working on your entry: BE SAFE! Use Eye Protection when needed, use your tools carefully, do not hurt yourself or others with fire, blades or sharp spikes, even everyone else went crazy!

Rule 4 - Number of entries  
Every person can only enter with one entry!

Winning something in this contest will not be easy,
as in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. If you want to win to stay alive you have to fight for it!

Only three medals. 
One gold. One silver. One bronze.
Easy as this!

Raffa is at the moment sculpting the trophy,
he just started, but it will be an awesome one, of course!

Right now that medal is just mediocre -
wait until Raffa reads this and goes on with some more work!

There is a small random prize pool, where everyone taking part takes a chances to win one of these prizes. Check the RANDOM PRIZE POOL here!

There might be some special prizes we will add during the time the contest runs. Maybe we will surprise you, maybe not!

Contest starts: Monday, 23th November 2015
Contest ends: Wednesday, 2nd May 2016

Sent your entry to: mv(at)

Spread the word about the contest, tell your friends, your enemies, your family, your grand-dad, your dog. Spread the word on your facebook wall, spread the word in your forum, spread the word in your modelling club, spread the word as far as you can. Make the wastelands roar!

You can use these banners to spread your word! 
Link them up as you like!

Roman and Raffa of the Massive Voodoo Team will judge the contest. Both are well known and well experienced judges of miniature contests.

1. How much you impress the judges with your overall project.
2. Idea and Execution
3. Technical Aspects (Conversion Work, Paintjob)

We will not judge basework, athmosphere, miniatures, animals, fauna and others as single criterias as this all comes together in your vision, in your idea, in your overall creation.

Question 1:
"I'm curious about truck or motorcycle. Would it be ok to use them for the contest?"
 Answer 1: 
The answer is yes. You can use a truck, a motorcycle, a bus or even a boat on wheels. Bikes too!
Question 2:
Can the model be scratch built? or does it have to be based on an existing model?
Answer 2:
It can also be scratchbuild, as you prefer!

We will witness you!


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