Painting Jam 34 - FAQ

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle, 

as it looks like it this is the first Painting Jam in 2015.
Oh dear!

Painting Jams are answers to frequently asked painting question the jungle recieves. We try our best to give you answers that help you have more fun and joy in your own painting ways.

Please remember that our answers are just... well, our answers. There might be other ways, other oppinions and other good tips, but you were asking us and all that we can provide are our answers. Pick from them what you like and we hope we can help with our thoughts, that we share here in the jungle so more people could gain information from it.


Nassim is asking:

"Hi Roman. 
Hope you're fine. May I ask you something /an advice ? 
On the next piece I'm working on, I'd like to paint a nice turquoise cloth. Exactely like the cloth on the head of the last Pirate bust of Fer miniatures

My problem is, I can't find the base/light and shadow to use. Could you tell me what color you would use to get such a color ? It would be very nice ! I join you a pic of the bust and hope you could help me. No pbm if not, thanks in advance"

Roman's answer:
Hey Nassim, sure. Well I 'd say it is a tourquoise but with a little more green in it. It also has a tiny drop of yellow to it. So if you want to mix the same basecolor I would take a tourqoiuse and add a bright green to it. A bright green that looks so bright because of the amount of yellow in it. Understood what I mean? This would be my base color. For shadows - looking at the photos I would just add a tiny drop of black to my basetone. Highlights are rare too, I would just go with a tiny drop of yellow to the basetone and maybe later on a tiny drop of white to it for final highlights on edges.


Beau is asking:

"G’day guys,
 I’m looking to travel the world and along the way I’d like to experience (in your opinion) the best mini-shows (or scale model competitions)… I’d be interested to know your TOP 10 events?

All the best, regards
Beau, Australia"

Raffa's and Roman's combined answers:

Monte San Savino Show (Italy)
Duke of Bavaria (Germany)
Scale Model Challenge (Netherlands)
Painting Crusade (Belgium)
Euro Militaire (UK)
Hussar (Poland)
World Expo 2017 (Chicago, USA)


Ralf is asking:

"Hey Roman, 
how do you prepare yourself for miniature shows like Monte San Savino?"

Roman's answer:

Well, I love to go there. That is the best preparation for it. I am looking forward to meet many friends and make new ones there. I mainly go there to enjoy time with people and if time allows have a look on all these great miniatures. I love to talk about painting, ideas and projects and enjoy such a trip very much.

Paintingwise, like concerning miniatures I do not prepare myself pretty much. In the past years I sadly wasn't able to dive deep into a big project that is aimed to be rocking the competiton. I just go there with the stuff I have ready and do not mind too much if the models I bring win something or not. That makes the trip very easy for me. No pressure at all. I am missing to work on a big idea and I am looking forward to do this in the future again.


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