I want you for War, boy!

by Roman aka jar

Aloa Jungle,

I have been waiting for the right idea to give Alfonso's cool bust called "Anonymous bust" my first attempt. The idea came to me in form of a Mad Max - Fury Road Warboy.

Long story short, he was fun.

I want you for War, boy!
converted & painted by Roman Lappat
Banshee's Anonymous Bust

Well, the story is not over yet. 
I made a video, BUT IT IS VERY BAD!
Our turntable does not work at the moment, so I just used an improvised one, turning with my hand. 
Also the GoPro was not good for taking the video, so I checked back with the Camcorder, its battery was empty and we just recently found out about the charging cable for the camcorder: It went missing on Raffa's wedding, but we found it - don't have it back yet, so I took the photo camera for the video. Really bad starting position, but with great music in the end :D
Instead of waiting for the turntable to be repaired and all the other stuff to happen this is what a warboy would do. 

Sorry for the crappy video :D 


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