Olis' works: October - Knights, pirates and more..

by Oli aka HonourGuard

Hello again,

welcome to my second work bench update.
You can find the first one here. 

In the past I started painting with the 32mm fanstasy figures from Lord of the Rings and stayed on it for a very long time. From time to time I painted a 54mm miniatures, but never was really satisfied with the results. In the following years I tried to work on my painting and basing skills and visited many miniature events to open my painting horizon.

One and a half year ago at the Duke of Bavaria my opinion changed a lot, I bought a 75mm figure from Alexandros and painted it up in about 10 days. I think this pirate is still one of my best figures so far Link. Since than I am a big fan of historical miniatures and I found many new good miniature companies. Maybe it is wrong to say I am an historical fan since that, I always was open to all different subcategories in our hobby. But I really enjoy painting historical stuff and especially figures of new scales now. Now I want to present you some of this works of the last months. I think it is good for me to catch up experiences in different categories and scales. So let's see where my travel goes in the next time...

Now let's come to the first figure: The Arrogant, 1710

This is my second miniature from Bestsoldiers. I bought this figure because I liked the other head version of the promo version that much. Than when I had it in my hands I changed my opinion and the result you can see here:

 More pictures here

On the right side you can see the figure I have painted at the Workshop at the Massive Voodoo headquarter with one of my favorit artists right from the beginning of my painting life: YellowOne.
It was really impressive to see how he can paint textures and his knowledge colors and his sculpting skills.. and, and, and.. :) In the end I was really happy with my result, it was really something different painting a bust in that size. You can find a review of the class with Kirill here.

Here are pictures of my: ROMAN SIGNIFER 1st Century A.D

More pictures here

And the last figure for today a 54mm figure from Nocturna Models: The Crusader 

I tried to stay close to the original color concept of this sculpt, Liam Neeson, in Kingdom of Heaven. A lot of green and brown tones. It is the first time I mixed TM and NMM, because you can control the lights on NMM much better than on TM in my opinion.

This figure is for sale you can contact me at honouguard@web.de if you are interested.

 More pictures here

And that's all for the month October, see you next month.. and to all painting friends who visit Monte San Savino show this weekend: Have fun and make pictures! :D

Best regards


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