The Hunt

by Raffa

Hey Everyone!

It has been quite a while since the last time I took the time to write a post.
My head is full of organisational stuff... The Paint Rack campaign is taking most of my brain-space and as long as the shipping didn't start, I fear this won't change.

But I still found time to finish one of my last projects and even prepare some more posts, be suprised :)

Roman is regaining some energies at the moment but we will still try to give you a regular good time on MV!

Here is my latest finished piece called "The Hunt".
The Sculpture is by Chris Clayton and was sold on the Scale Model Challenge as a Show Exclusive mini, so it will be really hard to get this model right now.
I did some minor modifications, changed the cape (removed it but kept the fur part) and replaced the short sword with a long spear.

I just love spears, I can't help it!

The Hunt

I hope you like the paintjob, I tried to keep it simple with a strong colorscheme and a very clear and readable paintjob, even the tattoos are not too distracting, keeping it simple :)

Let your mind fly


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