by Raffa

Hey everyone!
This time I want to share a very unusual bust with you.
Some time ago, Romain Van den Bogaert released a bust that had a very unusual look and I just had to get it.

 Photo by Romain v.d. Bogaert

By the way, Romain is an absolutely amazing artist (and a great person too), so if you are not familiar with his works go and check it out NOW

So, some days later I got a cast and even if it is not a small bust or a typical bust, I wanted to start painting right away.

I had an idea in my mind for quite some time to replace a busts eye by a custom set of eyes, created basically like real eyes.

It bugged me for quite some time that miniature eyes are so flat ... and especially seen from the side, look very unrealistic.

So, for this bust I planned something special. I drilled the busts eye at the place of the iris, gave it another smaller hole in the middle for the pupil and painted it with the rest of the bust.
In the end I gave it a cornea made of 2k clear resin. No reflex point was painted.

I really like how the effect turned out, but judge for yourself :)


I hope you like the bust and maybe it gives you a bit of inspiration to try out some new things on your projects, sometimes it works, sometimes not :)

Keep chasing your dreams


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