Crystal Brush 2015

by Massive Voodoo

Howdy Jungle Painters,

this weekend the Adepticon - a big gaming convention - takes place in Chicago, Illinois and within you will also find the Painting Competition called the "Crystal Brush" run by CoolMiniorNot.

As the judging work during this contest also depends on online votes, we would like to remind you all to get ready for judging and to throw in your vote. May the best entry win. Stay updated when the judging is about to start via the Crystal Brush page.

Our Monkeybrother, Ben is over at Chicago and entering the contest with a mysterious project. So if you see him, give him a monkey hug and throw a banana at him!

We wish all our friends, all the painters and all the gamers going there a great time. May you have a great weekend and celebrate life!

User Fluisterwoud from CMON forums already uploaded a bunch of photos from the contest:
click here! 

Voting is live here: CLICK!
Remember try to vote for each category, not randomly.

Good luck to everyone in the contest
and a great time at the show!


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