Inspirational rrooAAARR!

by Roman aka jar

Art Inspiration
Frank Frazetta - Art Gallery
The 10 Rules every Artist should live by
Connections: Wyeth, Fischl, Frazetta

Miniature Art Inspiration 
Rise of the Terminators

Miniature Article Inspiration
Model-Making  Basics - Creating Surfaces
Lightone's: Orc Bomber - Chipped paint Tutorial
Arcane Paintworks: True Metallic Metal vs. Non Metallic Metal
Serpentarium: Just a great blog with some wonderful painted models
Iron Sleet: A blog about great miniature conversions and madness
Newbold World: Gallery of Roman's work
Tuffskull's Blog: Fast paced Interview with Roman
Woman and Miniatures

Miniature Useful Tools
Wamp Select Series Paintbrushes

Music Inspiration
Reagge Shark
Traditional Mongolian Music & Dance
Mongolian Hip Hop!
Japanese Drummers Kodo - "O-Daiko"
Kodo - Spirit of Taiko
Naomi Wachira - African Girl
Naomi Wachira - Anywhere
Wadruna - Helvegen

Fun & Movie Inspiration
The Freestylers - That Friday Feeling
Motoped Survival Bike Black Ops Edition
Wanderers - A short Film
Cardboard Warfare 2
No Jump Dunks!
Black Dynamite Trailer - Adult Swim


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