Dwarf Experiment - Alchemy Colors by Scale75

by Raffa

Hey Everyone!

Some time ago Scale 75 released their Metal n'Alchemy Steel Series Paint Set which included Alchemy paints.

Alchemy paints? What is this sorcery you may ask - and your questions is justified!
I own a looooot of different paints (not meaning that's it has sense - or is neccessary :D ), I love to experiment and if I see a new brand I just have to get some bottles to see how they behave.

You noticed this in the past in articles as Black is the new Black or the Metallic Color Comparison Chart. We also recently got the complete range of P3 paints to try out and I will report about my experiences with those paints. As I said, I love to experiment with new stuff!
(If you have something you want me to experiment with, contact me!)

Ok, back to topic: Alchemy paints.

How to describe those paints?
Somehow metallic, somehow not. Kind of shiny and very, very fine pigment.
You can mix them with normal colors to get interesting effects.

I tried to paint a Dwarf ( Yurgen Bad Pipe - Enigma Massive Darkness ) using Alchemy paints in my mixes. Especially in the armor, beard and skin.
It's a pretty straightforward paintjob, nothing too fancy :)

Yurgen Bad Pipe

So, what's my opinion about the paints? I can't tell it right now, I like they way they behave as a paint, consistency, color, etc. but I don't exactly know what to do with them right now... time will tell :)

Let your mind fly


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