Hippo News Reporter

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle Painters,

this is a study in Sepia for CMON Contest "All the Shades of Grey".

First I thought about painting all of it grey in grey, but when I read the rules I was fascinated to give a Sepia-Study a try and it was fun. Hope you like this bust.

I got it from a spanish sculptor - The Path of Chameleon - great piece with a lot of character!

This character reminds me of the Comic books "Black Sad", but recently learned that there is also another comic which this gangsta hippo could be related to, click here.

Hippo News Reporter

And well, yes... I have some WIP photos too of this fella- all in different tones as they were done with the mobile camera in different daytimes - whatever - here they are. The model arrives in three parts in resin: Body, Hat and cigar.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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