Color Experiments - No. 2

by Bene aka Benji

Hey Everyone!

Like I told in my last color experiments post, there is a No. 2.
And that´s what I want to show you today. The miniature this time is a older miniature from Red Box Games. In the 28mm ranges these miniatures are always a joy to paint, because they have relatively simple volumes, not too many tiny details and a very cool overall look regarding their shapes. I really like them.

To be honest, I started to paint on this little fella already probably one or two years ago but really had a struggle to find a way to the "right" colors for miniature. So he had to wait a long time in my cabinet in the WIP- section, only covered with some muddy brownish tones.

Until two weeks ago. As I was on my hunt for miniatures I could test some colors, I found this guy again.
So I caught him and started to throw on some more colors, getting rid of those boring brownish tones.

Adding some purples, oranges and yellows really helped me to make the miniature interesting again (at least I think so) and this is the result I got out of it. Again, not really clean painted, but who needs that^^.

Again, I hope you like this one, this time also with a link to putty and paint. So you are invited to vote by following this little Link.




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