Inspiration: Blade Runner Model Shop

by Massive Voodoo

Yesterday Raffa found some really cool and nostalgic photos and we have to show them in here in your daily jungle of Massive Voodoo.

Photos of "Behind the Scenes" of the Movie "Blade Runner".
A movie from the year 1982, which is the year Roman was born.
You see, that movie and Roman are pretty old :D

For those of you who do not know the movie here is the official trailer:

Well, why post it here? 

Let's get back to the photos. While Raffa and Roman watched them, they really felt looking at ladies and gentlemen doing exactly the same as we all do: Working on too tiny stuff with plenty of passion, but all transported in a time machine. Just one example:

Looking familiar to you?
Have a look at the whole gallery over here!
It is just great and inspirational!

Isn't it a pity that in modern movies most of the special effects are made on the computer?
What is your oppinion on that?


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