Painting Jam 30 - FAQ

by Roman aka jar

Painting Jam time - check this link for more FAQs. 
Let's get it on ...


Ian asks via mail:

"How long does it take you to completely finish a standard 28mm-32mm mini? (1) 
Do you usually finish a project first before moving on to the next? (2)
And do you start any project using an airbrush for basecoating and pre-shading? (3)

 Sorry for thes many questions, I'm just curious how long you guys can finish a mini. Thanks in advance....  "

My answer:

1) Always depends on the figure and its complexity. For example a casual Rank and File Space Marine can be painted in high quality in one day to make him a great gaming figure. Also a casual Rank and File Space Marine can be painted in one week's work to make him a showcase figure. Another example shows that a complex Space Marine character can also be painted in the work of several weeks to make him a competition showcase figure. It is not easy to tell. Always depends on the project.

2) No. I have way to many Work in Progress Projects.

3) Yes. The Airbrush is a good help for the first steps, even more when the areas are big for example at a 75 mm figure.

No problem, I hope my answers could have helped you.


 Finn asks via mail:

"I was just wondering about how to go about how to go about making a cool base for my nurgle lord...

I dont really do tabletop gaming that much and really only enjoy painting pieces, could you help with ideas?
For like a (dont really know tow to put this) rusty metal base with pipes or something plz.
If it is good i might enter it in GD in youngbloods as last year i didnt get through which is ok but i spoke with somebody from white dwarf who sent me to someone from eavy metal and they said it should of got through and placed..."
My answer:
First of all you should get an idea of what you want to do.  
Then you got several options:
1) Check other Figures on CMON or Putty&Paint for the base you like to do and get inspired
2) Try to find tutorials and articles which tell about this topic, for example you can use Tutofig for your search of the fitting article or check our Article section, topic "basing".
3) you can check google for inspiring photos from this world and try to rebuild it, example: Industrial Wasteland
4) Important is that you start doing it with your vision


 Timo asks via CMON:

"I bought your Figure Art book few weeks ago, and there was many really nice full page pictures of your minis. Now some of those snow bases looks really great. A frozen moment is specially cool (no pun intented). 

As you may have sometimes checked my gallery, you would notice that I have done some snow bases, but I still would like to get some ideas and tips. What materials you use and do you use some kind of a special techniques? Like it seems to me that you have created nice looking partially melted snow or sleet. How do you create that? I use mainly baking soda (or food soda, whatever it is called) I have also still water, water effect and some different snow products."

My answer:

I hope those help you, directly from the jungle's article archives:

This guide is for simple snow, i would recommand the advanced technique explained next.
Easy and cheap way of creating realistic looking snow on your base.

Making masterclass snow
A guide that brings you into detailed masterclass use of snow. 
This article shows you how you can do icicles.


So far,
keep on happy painting!
Best wishes


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