MV Inspiration: Statues

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle friends!

I returned from a two week beautiful holiday trip to Italy, Tuscany.
It was really enjoyable and relaxing, even if I did hurt my leg a little bit, because of hiking to much in the first days. Batteries are loaded again and it is time to bounce myself back into the jungle boogie.

I thought about showing some photos of the trip but somehow I though: "C'mon, who is interested in my holiday photos at all? This Voodoo in here is still about miniatures!" 

So I choose a compromise, I will show you some photos but only those who are also interesting for you as this might be a good inspiration collection about some statues (just bigger sculpts) that I found during our trip in Tuscany. I will add more from different trips to this post in the future if you like those. The photos you see here are done by myself. So here we go - I hope you enjoy CLICK HERE!

Feel the funk yow!


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